CD Garoeda


“This CD demonstrates what a fine soloist Frank Lamm is. All the music is played with beautiful and thoughtful phrasing. My own pieces are brought to life with a combination of musical freedom and perfect control”.

Vincent Lindsey-Clark 11/11/11           



“…I like it very much : the repertoire selection (eclectic) and your intelligent and sensitive interpretation…A real delight !”
“ My ‘Preludes’…WOW ! Thanks again for choosing it and for the way you play it….”

Claude Gagnon 21/11/11                    



“…’Garoeda’ features a great selection of pieces and Frank Lamm demonstrates his many skills as a gifted soloist with a lyrical, warm tone and thoughtful, expressive interpretations.”

Gary Ryan 13/12/11                            



“Thanks for playing my piece, Frank – it’s a lovely and sensitive performance”

Gerald Garcia 4/1/12                         

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